I am an IT professional by day, and semi-professional audio editor and musician by night. I edit podcasts, and upload some of my music here and there.They/She

Work and Rates

I currently edit two podcasts, Level 7 Access and Nice Jewish Fangirls. Selections of my music can currently be found on Bandcamp.If you want to license any of my tracks, or collaborate on a music project please drop me a line.

Podcast Editing and Production

Podcast production rates vary, depending on the amount of time and complexity involved, and the level of polish you are looking for. If you are just getting started, we might be able to negotiate a deal. Unless otherwise stated, deliverable is an MP3 file.

- $30: Simple Edit, up to one hour. You have 1-2 audio files, with or without beginning and ending music, and you just need to have them edited into one cohesive show. Includes basic removal of errors and audio repair, either to your specifications or by my best judgment.
- $20: Simple Edit, additional hours
- $50: Advanced Edit, up to one hour. You may have more audio files to sync up, or need more advanced work done, such as advanced noise reduction or audio repair.
- $30: Advanced Edit, additional hours
- $15: File Customization. I will embed chapters in your podcast, to your specification (preferable) or my best judgment. I will also embed your show art and episode description in the file. Specific images can also be embedded at different chapter markers.
- $15: Show Notes. I will create show notes for you in Markdown and/or HTML format, complete with clickable links to relevant websites, your social accounts, etc.
- $20: File Customization and Show Notes Bundle
- $5: Publishing. You get me the login for your podcast publishing platform, and I upload your file, show notes, etc and schedule your show to publish so you don' have to.
- $???: Anything Else. I reserve the right to add additional tiers or features later, or to create a custom quote for special circumstances.


The best way to reach me is via Twitter or Email. You can also message me at my Bandcamp page.

Monarch Red

Jamie Blumberg received their first Godzilla toy at 3 years old, and has never looked back. Now, with the franchise entering a new age of CG powered films, it seemed like a good time to revisit the entire filmography. Join Jamie and co-hosts Page Branson, JD Jackson and Devon McGovern-Johnson as they share their favorite, and not-so-favorite, moments from the Godzilla series.


- 1: Pilot, Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019)
Jamie Blumberg, Page Branson, Devon McGovern-Johnson and JD Jackson do a podcast about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but they like other movies too. In fact, Jamie likes Godzilla movies so much they are planning to make Page watch all of them. We start with the most recent film, Legendary's Godzilla: King of the Monsters. What did we think about it? Our opinions definitely vary.